Logicator - the original flowchart control software  
Logicator was voted the top UK control software in a national survey by the Fisher Family Trust and the eighth most used software in D&T departments in UK schools.
NEWS 1: Universal Logicator has been awarded 5 stars in all categories in an independent review at MJO.     Click here to see the review, or  Download review
NEWS 2: Universal Logicator has received a top video review from schoolzone
"Logicator 7 is an amazing piece of software"
Click here to see the video reviews.
NEWS 3: Universal Logicator has been chosen as the 'standard' approach to programmable control by the Cyprus Education Ministry and has been supplied to all Cyprus schools.

Universal Logicator 7 is an ideal resource for the new GCSE Computing course, the iMedia course and the Creative and Media Diploma.
Universal Logicator 8 is in development. It will have an improved interface and new features. It will also control the Sphero Robotic Ball. See this link

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 Click here to see a video of the Ghost Train Soft System in Action
 Click here to download the demo version of Universal Logicator v7
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Ghost Train
Logicator Version 7 comes with 14 Soft Systems.
These provide a series of incremental control problems based on real life systems.
Hover over each picture for a description.

Click here to see the Log Flume example

14 Soft Systems

Ghost Train FunFair Display Haunted House Home Security Car Park Supermarket Checkout Plant Care Burglar Alarm Washing machine Log Flume Pelican Crossing Disco Drinks Machine Greenhouse

Logicator CDs
Universal Logicator 7 will control EVERY control box you can find.
Universal Logicator 7 will also control the LEGO NXT robot via a bluetooth link.
Click here to download Notes : 'Using Lego NXT with Logicator'

Universal Logicator 7 comes with 14 Soft System controllable simulations, including the new 'Ghost Train' with Media Control.
There is a low-cost upgrade from all previous versions of Logicator.
To upgrade or purchase a licence for Logicator Version 7 click here
Purchasers of Universal Logicator Version 7 will receive a free upgrade to
Version 8
when it becomes available later in the year.
You can also download and try a demonstration version from this link.
Scroll down this page for options, including Junior Logicator and site licences.

Junior Logicator
is a simpler and less expensive version of Universal Logicator 7 designed for primary/lower secondary. It comes with 4 Soft Systems and a simpler range of commands - yet it will control any control box.
The latest Logicator User Guide and PIC Logicator User Guides are here to download.
Download either guide by clicking one or other of the pictures.
These will provide a good reference work for your existing versions of Logicator, and also show the new editing features which both use.
These guides will provide a detailed picture of what each version can do.
Logicator has language options for English, French, German, & Spanish. We can also create other language versions if there is sufficient demand. Contact us.
Foreign Language version
Supplied in 4 European languages
Control and Monitoring application
Click here to download the Control and Monitoring teaching resource.
It will download as a Flash file called 'Control and Monitoring.exe'
This resource may be used without any restrictions.

'Logicator for PICAXE' is available from Revolution Education Ltd  from this link.
A full single-user version of Logicator for PICAXE is completely free to download and use.
There is more information at this link.
See 'Logicator for PICAXE' on You Tube. Click Here

Logicator for PIC micros
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Junior Logicator

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For more information or technical support, contact : contact@logicator.net
Logicator is produced by New Media Learning Ltd and published by Economatics Education Ltd