Logicator Junior- Update Page

Junior Logicator

The update to Junior Logicator should be downloaded from this link.
Choose the Resources page and then click Junior Patch to download the update.

To make use of the update file and contents please follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Download the update lgc035_patch.exe by right clicking the link and choosing Save As...

2. Go to the application folder C:\Program Files\New-Media-Learning\LogicatorJunior
(There may be minor differences to the above path or name on your computer)
Open this folder to see the files inside.

You may like to take a back up copy of these files first in case you make a mistake or if you need to go back to the original files for any reason.

3. Drag the 4 files from the unzipped folder into the LogicatorJunior application folder and agree to let these files over-write the existing files in this folder.

Run the LogicatorJunior application from the programs menu.
It should run and you should see that there is a new Play command.

If there are still problems contact us at contact@logicator.net

Contact : contact@logicator.net
Logicator is produced by New Media Learning Ltd and published by Economatics Education Ltd