Logicator - Update Page

Universal Logicator 7
The update to Logicator V7 should be downloaded from this link.
Choose the Resources page and then click Logicator Patch to download the update.

To make use of the update file and contents please follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Download the update lgc030_patch.exe by right clicking the link and choosing Save As...

2. Double click the file to open it (in WinZip or similar unzip programme) and view the enclosed files.

3. Go to the folder C:\Program Files\New-Media-Learning\Logicator
Inside that folder you will see a file called Logicator.exe.
Make a new folder inside the Logicator folder and call it ‘Old_Logicator_exe’ or similar name.
(By doing this, you can always go back to the old version if you need to)

4. Drag the old Logicator.exe file into this folder so it wont be seen by the application.
Next, copy the new file Logicator.exe into the Logicator folder to take the place of the file that we have just moved out of this folder.

5. Now copy any additional files from the unzipped update folder into this folder.
Allow the files to overwrite any existing files.

Run the Logicator application again from the programs menu.
If there are still problems contact us at contact@logicator.net

Contact : contact@logicator.net
Logicator is produced by New Media Learning Ltd and published by Economatics Education Ltd