Logicator - Troubleshooting
Universal Logicator 7

Thankfully, users get very few problems when using Logicator as it a mature application.
We will place here any issues and their solutions that we haven't already solved.

Using Logicator with Lego NXT Robot
See our fact sheet on interfacing Logicator to the Lego NXT by clicking here

Using Logicator with Windows 7
"We are trying to use Soft Systems created using Soft Systems Studio with our new Windows 7 computers. We are finding a problem that the inputs cannot be selected on the screen image that we have added to the application.
There are some changes in the way that Windows 7 handles graphics.
We have developed a work-around to this, and related problems, when using Soft Systems created using Soft Systems Studio. Note that this only applies to Logicator version 7.
To make use of this work around please do the following:

1. Make a back up of your Logicator version 7 Application Folder.
2. Download the latest build of Logicator.zip by right-clicking this link and choosing to 'Save Target...'
3. Unzip the application and copy the files over the top of the files in the Logicator application folder with the same name.
4. Try running Logicator again and see if the problems persist.
5. If this does not solve the problem, then revert to the saved version, and try rebuilding your school Soft System application using Soft Systems Studio and your original graphics.
6.If this still does not solve the problem then please contact us with full detals including build number and a screen shot if possible. Please send us the example Soft System application so that we can test it ourselves.
"I am trying to do a network install of Universal Logicator v 7 and I have set up the MSI to install but when I run the program as admin no xml files are created with the registration details as shown in the installation instructions. How do I solve this?"

The file must have been created if the software runs as a registered application.
In Windows 7 the file will go into the ‘Virtual Store’ folder in Appdata which is new in Windows 7.
If using Vista/7 check the 'compatibility files' folder linked to from the installation folder (ie click the the 'compatibility' button on the toolbar when viewing the installation folder). This is because the later operating systems don't like writing files into the 'Program Files' folder.

"We get a message to install the .NET framework when we try to run a newly installed version of Logicator from a PC. It works fine if I try to run it as an administrator."
Set the permissions on the Microsoft.NET Framework Directory to 'Modify'.
When Logicator runs it should then be able to access the .NET framework application that it needs.

If you are experiencing a different problem to this please contact us at contact@logicator.net

Contact : contact@logicator.net
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